Top 5 Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Have

Extensions enhance the browser's functionality.

Extensions are browser-based software program which is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to make the Browser experience better and more productive. Some extensions are life saviors while some extensions can make your life hell by reading your credentials. I have prepared this article to share some useful chrome extensions. Anyone having knowledge of HTML (stands for Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript can build his own Chrome Extension. There are a lot of extensions with the same name while downloading any chrome extension make sure you check their downloaded count as well as start rating start. How to download Google Chrome Extension. 

Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Students

best chrome extension for student

1. Grammarly: 

grammarly usmanplus

This is a Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence Typing Assistant that checks the correctness of spelling and grammar punctuation of sentences and provides a solution if there is any mistake in your sentence. If you type a letter or write an article online, while you type in any textbox of your browser, this extension will check your sentences and also will provide a solution for the same. If you are a student or a blog writer on any platform, this chrome extension is much useful for you. It is totally free but if you want to get the premium suggestion for your grammar, punctuation, and spelling, you can opt for a premium subscription from Grammarly. Introducing a premium subscription by Grammarly does not mean that its free version is bad. If you don’t want to pay, you can use its free version. I’m also using its free version (hehehe). I have provided a link for this extension.

Grammarly Chrome Extension 49.6MB

2. Copyfish Free OCR Software: 

copyfish attendence extension

Do you watch lectures online on YouTube, Udemy, etc. ? Have faced any difficulty noting down something from the video? This extension can be your life savior for you. Suppose you’re watching a video of the coding lecture on YouTube, In the video, the YouTuber has written some source code and telling you to type the same code on your system. Now, what will you do? Will you type every single word on your system by switching between YouTube video and your source code editor? Maybe you have a big screen and you can split the screen into two-part, one for YouTube and one for your typing, still you have to type every single word copying from the video. Now this extension will come into work, You just had to activate this extension from the extension tab in the chrome browser, once it gets activated, you just have to take a snapshot of the video screen using the tool provided by this extension. Once you take the screenshot of the screen, you’ll get all the text in a model (box) on the screen, just copy it and paste it anywhere you want. I have provided this extension’s link below. 

Copyfish 🐟 Free OCR Software <1MB

3. Google Meet Attendance List: 

google meet attendence

Are attending your class online yet? (Us moment bhai us moment). If you attend the classes via Google Meet and want to have the record of all the students who have joined the meet (class), you can use this extension. Remember, There is a lot of extension with the same name (Google Meet Attendance), but only some of them are useful. I have shared the link to the extension that I use. You may think why should I use this extension when my professor/teacher takes the attendance by his side? Broo, We are not the same. In Many colleges, students have to take the attendance of class, students can take the screenshot of all the joined participants, but converting the screenshot into excel is a kind of complex work. This extension will provide an excel sheet containing the data of students (when joined, when left) and the meet information like Google Meet code, Host of meeting. 

Google Meet Attendance List 15.9MB

4. AdBlock – Best Ad Blocker: 

best adblocker chrome extension

Do you know what is the ad? While watching YouTube videos, you may have seen some ads in starting of the video or maybe in middle or at the end of the video. These ads are so annoying, that they make the user experience worst. But what one can do, if he doesn’t want to watch such ads he has to pay money to YouTube. In the same way, while visiting any website you can see many ads floating or popping on the screen. I have an idea to remove such ads from your browser. You just have to download a chrome extension named ‘AdBlock’, Make sure you download the best one (I have provided the link below). This extension will prevent the ad to show in your browser. 

AdBlock — best ad blocker 12.4MB

5. Screen Recorder: 

screen recorder chrome extension

You might think why I’m mentioning this chrome extension in the list of ‘the extension that a student should I have. You may not use this extension frequently but this extension is as useful as copyfish extension. Suppose you want to record your laptop screen, for this you have to download software that is compatible with screen recording, and such software is so heavy in size. But if you use this extension, you don’t need to panic about downloading any software, you just have to activate the extension and it’ll ask to customize or leave it default. And now you can start the recording easily. I have provided a link for the same extension below. 

Screen Recorder 2.4MB

Have you used any of these extensions before? I hope you liked this article and enjoyed it as well. This is just a small list of useful extensions, there are hundreds of extensions that can be used by students to make their life easy. I have provided just a basic knowledge of these extensions. 

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