How to Send An Anonymous Email [Free]

Prank your friend be sending him email from Elon Musk Name.

Hi, Do you want to send an email without showing your identity? You're on the right page of the internet where you can learn to send email to any person without revealing your information. I'm sharing my own experience with you, It's a 100% working and genuine method because this tool is developed by myself. Even you can use this tool to spam your friend on their email by sending bulk emails at once. 

How to Send Anonymous Email?

I have created a tool named 'Email Spemmer' which will be used to send emails without showing single information about yourself. Earlier 'EmailSpemmer' tool was built to do spam mail, further some more functionality has been added to it like you can send the mail by writing HTML source code as well as Plain Text. 

Reasons To Use Email Spemmer 

Once I was searching for a tool on the internet so that I can prank my friend, and I found such a tool but unfortunately, the tool was either not working or paid, LOL. I decided to make my own Email Prank, Email Spam tool. Email_Spemmer is absolutely free. 
  1. You can select any name while sending an email.
  2. You can mail to multiple users at once.
  3. You can type your mail in simple plain text as well as in HTML.
  4. You can send bulk emails. 
You can create a fake email to prank or spam, but creating a new account takes too much time, while you can use Email-Spemmer by just visiting its homepage. 

Let me demonstrate the email__spemmer tool.

First of all, I have to visit Email Spemmer , Type a name (in title field) that you want your friend to see, and type the email of your friend or anyone you want to send the email to. If you want to send the same mail to multiple users, separate their email id by putting a comma between their email_ids as shown below screenshot. 
There is two tick box, you have to select one of them. By default, the mail content type is set to 'Text'. 
  • Text: If you select the 'Text' option, all the content of the mailbox with be sent as plain text. Even if you use some HTML tag, this tag will be treated as text.
  • HTML: If you choose the second option which is 'HTML', you have to type your email content in HTML format. You can use all HTML tags, and inline CSS after selecting the second option.
There is one more input field which is for the count. By default 'count' is set to 1, if you want to send the mail in bulk, define how much mail you want to send. After filling all the input fields you just have to click the 'Boom' button. Once the button gets clicked, it'll start sending the emails. After sending all the emails, you'll receive a model showing how many emails you have sent to whom (A list of emailId that will receive that mail).

Hope you enjoyed pranking your friends.

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