How to Get a US Phone Number In India Free

Talkatone provides a virtual US phone number, you can use this number in your WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Have you seen any of your friends using a foreign number? You may have shocked that if your friend is living in India how can he get a foreign phone number. Most probably when you go out of India, only then do you buy a new sim that can be used in that country where you have gone. I found one of my friends using WhatsApp with a foreign number in my college group, literally, I also got excited to use such a WhatsApp number that looks like a foreign number, It doesn’t look like a foreign number even if it’s a real foreign phone number. I searched on the Internet about it and found a lot of articles but either the application/service was paid or not working in India. I tried all the apps that I found on the internet so that I can get a free virtual phone number. Almost all apps except one failed in providing me a US phone number. The exception app that gave me a free phone number was TalkaTone. 

How to Get A Foreign Number Free From TalkaTone?

If you don’t use this app carefully, you will not get your virtual US phone number. Follow all the steps given in this article. Before proceeding further let’s know all the benefits of using a virtual fake us phone number. Don’t be shocked to see the ‘fake’ keyword in the previous sentence. This number is real and you can use it on your WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and even all the social media and websites where you need a phone number verification. Using such virtual numbers you can protect your privacy, like if you are signing up to a website where phone number verification is required but you don’t like to give your real personal phone number because you’re afraid of receiving promotional calls, promotional SMS in bulk that irritates you, on that website you can signup using your this free phone number that you have got following all the steps in this article. 

Benefits Of Using TalkaTone

  1. The first benefit of using such a number is you don’t need to buy a sim card. And if you’re not buying a sim card you don’t need to be concerned about inserting a sim card into your phone. Even if you’re phone is having only 2 sim slots, you can use the unlimited virtual phone number on your phone.
  2. TalkaTone provides the free phone number for verification. This number can be used anywhere where mobile number verification is required. One thing is to keep in mind, To receive OTP SMS, you need to buy some credit inside the app, but don’t worry you can receive the call for OTP. So use it at such a place where you can request the OTP on call. 
  3. TalkaTone provides two fake/virtual phone numbers for each account. It means if you have created an account on Talkatone, you’ll get two foreign number on your account, while other apps like TextNow, and 2ndLine provides only one virtual number for each account also these apps are not free as talkatone. 
  4. If you need more than two virtual foreign phone numbers, it provides another number (3rd Phone number) at the lowest price (76 Rupees approx) which is cheaper than buying a sim card by visiting a telecom shop. Now Let’s talk about the process of signing up on Talkatone and getting a foreign phone number for free.

Step1. The first step is to connect to any strong server in the United States (America). The reason behind this is to change your IP address. Such apps are not functional or available in India that’s why we have to use a VPN. Melon VPN is recommended. 

Download MelonVPN

Step2. The second step is to download the TalkaTone .apk, I have provided a download link below, clicking on this you download this app directly. 

Download Talkatone

Step3. Now you have downloaded and installed the app on your android device. Open the app and click on the sign-up button given at the bottom left Now you have to verify that you’re a human by clicking on reCAPTCHA. Go to the next page where you have to fill in your email id, or you can just use your google account to sign up. Click on sign up with google and choose the google account you want to use for the sign-up process. 

Step4. If everything is fine and no error occurred, you’ll see a screen asking for your name, age, and gender. Fill in all the details, and click on Done. Now if everything is fine and no error occurred, it’ll ask for location, you can skip the location. After this, you’ll see a US phone number. Now you can use this number to create your WhatsApp account, Facebook, Telegram account, and many more. 

But but but, if any error occurred in the above steps, you have to connect to any other server. Just open the VPN app and connect to any other server. Still, if you get any errors, just connect to any other server until you get the virtual phone number. [In Melon VPN app, US Dallas server is recommended]

These errors you might see while registering on talkatone, all these errors have only one solution, just connect to any strong server in the US. 

talkatone registration to get us phone number free usmanplus

Errors in TalkaTone

  • TalkaTone is unable to establish a network connection. Please check your internet setting and try again. If the problem persists please contact Customer Support.
  • An unusually high number of registration or sign-in attempts have been detected. Please try again later.
  • Talkatone is unable to establish a network connection.
  • Talkatone login is blocked by your network.

If any of the above errors occurred, change your server in the VPN app. It’ll work 100%.

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