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Shiksha is running a campaign called "Shiksha's Refer and Earn' campaign. This campaign is being run by Shiksha is India's leading college and course selection platform that provides information for over 70000 colleges, courses, scholarships, programs, and admission notifications. This website is very helpful in searching colleges and courses. This site provides the real and actual information about the universities and the courses which help the students to choose the best college and the right course. College's Dean/Directors prove the authenticity of the information of their colleges. It was launched in May 2008. Online classes for various courses and programs are available on

Shiksha College Review 100 Rupees Paytm Cashback

There is an offer for every student to get 100 Rupees Paytm cash by just putting their college's review on Wait... I'll tell you all about it. You can earn unlimited Paytm cashback by writing the review with different student details. Like you have submitted your college's review with your own information, once your review gets published on the website, you'll get 100Rs through Paytm. Now you have another opportunity to get another 100 rupees cashback. To get one more time 100 rs, you have to do the same thing that you did for your first review. The only change that you have to do is, change the student name and upload another identity card (Do you have your college id card? if not, don't worry you can upload your aadhar card, mark sheet, college admission slip)

Uploading Identity cards i.e. Aadhar, Mark sheet, admission slip is totally safe.  Let's move on to the steps to get all the procedures for doing this. 

First of all, you have to open the link in your browser and fill all the details step by step.

In the first tab 'Personal info', you have to fill in your personal details like name, college name, email, and phone number. after filling in all these details you move on to the next page 'Your review' by pressing the 'next button. Fill your college details like placement information, lectures information, etc.

After writing all the information, you have to go on to the next page, and there you have to enter your LinkedIn or Facebook profile URL. to get your Facebook profile URL, go into the Facebook app's profile tab or website, in the address bar, you will get your profile URL.

The next tab is 'College Life' this ab consists information of about your college life. You just have to select the option of given sentences. 

After doing all these things, you just have to submit your review. Once your review gets published, you'll get your Paytm cash of 100 Rupees.  To get unlimited Paytm cashback, you can use the same placement, lectures details that you have written in the 'Your review' tab.

I have attached a sample of a review that you can use in your review. college review paytm cashback program Personal info tab Facebook profile url more details tab Payment Proof

Copy/Paste is disabled in the review box

Placement information   Infrastructure for your course and hostel   Faculty Curriculum Info in 'Any other information

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